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In the Research & Development Division of Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd., our philosophy is to contribute to our customers through creative technology, with a focus on using world-class technology to develop products for which there is a global market. Through our two research organizations, the General Research Laboratory, and our Growth Research Laboratory, we are responsible for everything from basic research, to prototype testing in our intermediate experimental facilities, to applied development.

General Research Laboratory

Focusing on organic and inorganic synthesis technologies, R&D centers on new product development utilizing proprietary technology, as well as research into completely new next-generation fields.
In the area of functional chemicals, as the first in Japan to successfully commercialize hydrazine monohydrate, we continue to conduct research around hydrazine monohydrate and the various derivatives which use it.
Research and development is also being done in chemical foaming agent, azo polymerization initiators, and custom synthesis of various hydrazine derivatives designed to meet specific customer needs.
We are also involved in the development of UV absorbing agents with long-term, stable light resistance, halogen-free fire retardants, and functional amine compounds which act to deodorize aldehydes.
In the inorganic materials area, our development efforts center on ceramic materials including brake, reinforcing, and conductive materials, with development moving from the micro level to the nano scale.
In addition, based on the resin/ceramics composite technologies acquired through our development of potassium titanate fiber reinforced Resin Compounds, we are also conducting research and development into composite materials with new functionalities, including tribological properties, precision moldability, conductivity, and dielectricity.
In the area of pharmaceutical intermediates, using the technology we have obtained through development of GCLE, a cephalosporin intermediate, we are conducting research and development in various medical and agrochemical intermediates and bulk drugs, including beta lactams.

General Research Laboratory Building No.1(Tokushima-city, TOKUSHIMA)

General Research Laboratory Building No.2(Tokushima-city, TOKUSHIMA)

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